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Hello! I'll be uploading objects and assets for SMILE GAME BUILDER. You can import them directly to your games.

Most of them are default SGB edits, which means that they are owned by SmileBoom team, so please credit them. And me, thanks.


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Click download now to get access to the following files:

fireplace_nofire.rar 33 kB
shelf_empty.rar 23 kB
note.rar 13 kB
bamboo_stick.rar 21 kB
sakura_tree.rar 66 kB
big_flower_1x1.rar 59 kB
stump_axe.rar 95 kB
cutting_board.rar 37 kB
cross_bone.rar 15 kB


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For some reason a few of them are HUGE! New stump etc. How do you get them to the correct size?

Yes I know... you need to import them with checked optimization scale option.

thanks that worked

Thank You

You're welcome.

thank you good sir!



Thank you for sharing.

Thank you!

this is nice :D

Thank you! :)

Good Job!

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Thank you! I'll be adding more soon.