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๐ŸŒฒRepair houses

๐ŸŒฒMeet new villagers

๐ŸŒฒChop trees

๐ŸŒฒMake furniture

๐ŸŒฒSave town!

A game by Michal Malcharek


Version 1.5.5

  • fixed bug with giving stools to bartender
  • fixed lighting in the bar cellar
  • fixed bug with multiple (over and over) delivery from Takano
  • fixed bug with the middle-row bookshelf already filled up with books


Version 1.5.4-fix is out!

  • fixed a problem with starting the game


Version 1.5.4 is out!

  • fixed a lot of little bugs (thanks to Renomi)


Version 1.5.3 with a quick fix is out!

  • fixed problems with teleporting to wrong place after leaving the mine (thanks to Renomi)
  • fixed problem with using escape rope (thanks to Renomi)


Version 1.5.3 is out!

  • completely reworked mine (thanks to Studio Blue for suggestion), now all the rooms/floors are generated as you enter the cave, not only rocks are randomly generated


Version 1.5.2 is out!

  • fixed wrong recipe display for kitchen shelf (thanks to Renomi)
  • fixed bug with tailor shop closed forever (thanks to Renomi)
  • fixed bug with buyable curtains in tailor shop not showing up (thanks to Renomi)
  • added pet bowl and pet food, so now you can feed your pet!


Version 1.5.1 is out!

  • fixed small bugs


Version 1.5.0 is out!

  • fixed bug with mining stairs (again!)
  • fixed bug with time passing while leaving the Inn
  • added new tools: hammer (you can't repair or build without it) and lantern (you need it to chop down trees during night)
  • removed "clear" level from workshop; added storage chest instead
  • added weather system (rainy days)
  • added mirror-blueprint for bed and flower stand (alternative way to craft it)
  • added new furniture to decorate your house: fridge, stove, lamp, mirror
  • added new object: blueprint scanner, which allows you to load blueprint on construction grid
  • added some story-driving tips
  • changed visual of checking blueprints
  • changed some villagers appearance
  • curtains are avaible at tailor shop
  • groceries are avaible at cafe, you can use them for cooking
  • added cutscene in library
  • gathering logs after cutting tree takes less time
  • changed blueprint pattern for barrel and sawbuck
  • recipes with iron now require iron clamps instead; upgrading tool require iron without processing
  • added information about earning while donating furniture to villagers
  • changed the way to throw away items (trashcan)
  • you can upgrade your house (kitchen area)
  • and much more!


Version 1.4.4 is out!

  • fixed bug with dissappearing mine stairs (thanks to Renomi)
  • rebalanced prices in market stand
  • you can sell more items and cooked food at the market
  • added beehives randomly found in trees (you can sell them)
  • added barrels in mine (you can find some coins inside them)
  • firewood now can be sold to the Inn (can't sold at market anymore)
  • you can buy cookies as a take-away energy restorer in the Cafe
  • you can put tablecloth on tables (in your house)
  • added fishing spot in ocean; added prawns and corals


Version 1.4.3 is out!

  • fixed bug with Bakery owner not showing up (thanks to @Mickychi)


Version 1.4.2 is out!

Thanks again to @SeaPhoenix for all the bug hunting, grammar fixes and suggestions:

  • applied text/dialogue fixes
  • fixed bug with no recipe for Flower Stand
  • fixed bug with unlimited Bookshelves units in library
  • fixed bug with Table appearing in wrong place after crafting
  • fixed problem with got stuck in Tailor's after giving her Spinning Wheel (while being on the right side of the counter)
  • fixed bug with teleporting to the wrong spot while it's late and you're in Tailor Shop
  • fixed bug with founding Pub Key more than once
  • fixed bug with "mine is repaired" message  all of sudden (while mine is not repaired yet)
  • fixed cutscene bug with Mr. Whiskers appearing in wrong time


Version 1.4.1(fixed mayor bug) is out!

Thanks to @SeaPhoenix, a mayor bug that prevented game progress was fixed.


Version 1.4.1 is out!

  • fixed some bugs
  • house furnishing implemented
  • game ending implemented


Version 1.4.0 is out! 

  • grid crafting system completely reworked (now it's a script, not only eventing - this change is not visible, just for a better performance, thanks to qwelukasz)
  • new locations: forest, beach and mine
  • more trees to cut in the forest area
  • buildings are now locked, you need to find the right keys to open it
  • new materials to find in mine (stone, iron, quartz)
  • new character added - sailor
  • changed materials request while fixing house (now you need also beams and stones to fix gaps)
  • village square now also needs to be repaired
  • you can build pier on the beach area and sell unnecessary furniture
  • visual improvements, locations retouched (but forest and village still need this)
  • new furniture/blueprint added
  • reworked menu (ESC)
  • more balanced weather (less rainy days)
  • fixed bug with Cellar Key not showing up (thanks @samaliah)
  • fixed problem with lost bedding while failed with bed recipe (thanks @cactusanctuary)
  • fixed bug: can't picking up barrel after crafting
  • linen chest now stay open to let you know that there is nothing left inside (thanks @cactusanctuary for suggestion)
  • deleted invisible debug event in Cafe (thanks @Sanyee)
  • changed way to obtain Fleece Wheel (not buyable anymore)
  • fixed bug with people not arriving to village (thanks @Yurash@Winterflowr)
  • increased maximum stamina (working even more?! nah)
  • you can store lumber in wood storage
  • you can customize your house with own made furniture
  • old stove in house is now working! Let's lit the fire.
  • changed some shop mechanics (now you can buy some items placed on the counter)
  • changed lights/shadows effects
  • added chopping animation, yay
  • changed some dialogues/messages, added tutorial messages
  • added fishing system (thanks for voting), you can also cook your meal!
  • added story progression tips and scenes
  • addes HUD with savings (gold), day ingame and name of the actual day
  • fixed a lot of bugs after testing by @Sunjean (thanks!)

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreSimulation, Role Playing
Tagscarpentry, haarvest, moon, mv, RPG Maker
Average sessionA few seconds


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