Version 1.5.0 is out!

  • fixed bug with mining stairs (again!)
  • fixed bug with time passing while leaving the Inn
  • added new tools: hammer (you can't repair or build without it) and lantern (you need it to chop down trees during night)
  • removed "clear" level from workshop; added storage chest instead
  • added weather system (rainy days)
  • added mirror-blueprint for bed and flower stand (alternative way to craft it)
  • added new furniture to decorate your house: fridge, stove, lamp, mirror
  • added new object: blueprint scanner, which allows you to load blueprint on construction grid
  • added some story-driving tips
  • changed visual of checking blueprints
  • changed some villagers appearance
  • curtains are avaible at tailor shop
  • groceries are avaible at cafe, you can use them for cooking
  • added cutscene in library
  • gathering logs after cutting tree takes less time
  • changed blueprint pattern for barrel and sawbuck
  • recipes with iron now require iron clamps instead; upgrading tool require iron without processing
  • added information about earning while donating furniture to villagers
  • changed the way to throw away items (trashcan)
  • you can upgrade your house (kitchen area)
  • and much more!


Carpentry Story 1.5.1.rar 245 MB
Jan 06, 2021

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